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Electronic Document Management

When you generate a large volume of scans from paperwork, or have a collection of scanned archive material, you need a powerful but easy to use document management tool to be able to organise and search your files.


Docs to Data Electronic Document Managment (EDM)

We have our own, bespoke electronic document management solution that allows you to organise your files and gives you a powerful search and preview facility.

Our EDM system is available in two ways.

Docs to Data Cloud Hosted Storage and EDM

Host all your scanned files with us, on our secure, cloud based servers, and access them, via secure log in, on any device, wherever you are, providing you’re able to connect to the internet.

We maintain the servers and host the EDM.

We scan your files, index them onto the system to agreed specifications, and, where required, can link related files together with a reference identity, so that, for example, a Purchase order and a related Invoice can be located and viewed together.


Self-Hosted Storage and EDM

If preferred, we can install our EDM onto your own servers, after which you can use it in precisely the same way, and with its full functionality, to search and view your scanned (or native digital) files.




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