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GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation and is a direct descendant of the current Data Protection Act.

The responsibility for compliance is directly in the hands of the owner of the data and there are many advisory documents available from many different sources on the web.
So what assistance can we give to you the customer.

Its simple really, data stored on paper will be virtually unuseable without detailed indexing of its content and in time and effort this is untenable.
The solution for many businesses is to have the documents scanned, indexed and referenced on a secure portal such as Docs to Data.
We provide the service, including collection, detailed indexing and referencing of the documents and simple web based tools for both retrieval and analysis of data.
The result, you know where your data is, what it is and more importantly for GDPR what it contains.
Contact us for a demonstration or free trial and see how this service can assist in compliance.





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